66-Mile Perkinsville Route:
Intended for riders looking to do a metric century by combining it with the 32-Mile Markleville Route. Takes riders through the town of Lapel and provides a SAG stop at the Perkinsville Town Park. Terrain varies from flat farmland to mild to moderate hills near the White River. Riders intending to use this route should start by 9:00 AM as the rest stop will be closing early.

16-Mile Route:
Climbs out of Falls Park and takes the rider through mostly flat and open farmland. Shares the first 7 miles with the 34-Mile Perkinsville Route, then separates to return to Falls Park. There are no rest stops on this route. Traffic will be light early in the morning, but become heavier by late morning. We recommend riders take this route first if intending to combine it with the 32-Mile Perkinsville Route Perkinsville Route for a 48-Mile ride.

32-Mile Markleville Route:
Takes riders to the east and then south of Pendleton on rural roads. The southern part of the loop follows along Falls Creek through farmland and wooded areas. The terrain is flat to gently-sloping hills.

4-Mile Family Friendly Route:
Gentle grades and a route that passes through low traffic residential areas makes this a nice option for families.

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4-Mile Route:
(4-Miles): 4 Mile PDF
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17 Mile PDF
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50 Mile PDF
32-Mile Route:
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32 Mile PDF
34-Mile Route:
(65-Miles): ysc65COURSE_18533222(2).gpx
65 Mile PDF
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