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It is the first day of the bike trip. We left Anderson at 5:00 pm in the middle of Trent’s birthday party after a good dose of cake, ice cream, and pie. Mom, Jonah and Kathryn saw us off as they teased us about our ponchos to block the mist. The cold and rain made the start of the trip very uncomfortable. Thankfully, the wind was to our backs, helping us to average almost 13 mph from Pendleton. When we arrived in Greenfield around 7:30 pm it was 49 degrees outside. We are staying in the Dollar Inn in Greenfield and are beginning to thaw out. Praying for nicer weather as the trip continues. One lady at a store in Maxwell asked that we pray for her daughter who is not living her life entirely right. The lady gave us $5 for the cause.... she was very sweet. We are getting some verses together for memorization for this trip. 21 miles total today.


We arrived here in Seymour around 3:45 pm. We left Greenfield around 8:00 am after breakfast at McDonalds- a typical Greenfield breakfast stop. This was a very cool day (41 degrees in the morning), but the wind was to our backs, which really helped move us along and kept us from the misery of freezing to death. Lunch was at Grandma’s in Shelbyville. Throughout the day, we took our usual route of S.R. 9, but also took a detour through Elizabethtown and down county roads most of the way to Seymour. We saw a number of buzzards in the sky and river high from the rains the last several weeks. We rode 65 miles today according to the odometer and are staying in All-State inn in Seymour.


Today we left Seymour around 8:30 am after breakfast at Waffle House. Garri Sr. told lots of jokes including his poached eggs joke and the “skunk and the owl” joke. We rode 20 miles and ate lunch in Scottsburg at Subway. We were very thankful that the wind was to our backs since it was so cold outside (the temperature was in the 40’s when we left Seymour). It threatened rain most of the day, but the cold made it very uncomfortable to ride. Not a whole lot interesting happened today. There was lots of dead stuff on the side of the road. Earlier in the day there was a giant log in the middle of a field nearby a river; we figured that the only way it could have gotten there was by flood waters. After navigating our way to the 2nd street bridge (a job in itself), we crossed the Ohio River. Immediately on the other side was a renovated old part of Louisville, near the riverboat. Garri Sr. asked locals what the primary industry was; apparently it is medicine. We rode through city traffic and sidewalks, including Bardstown Rd. (HWY 150), which reminded us of an old college town with all its little book shops and restaurants for miles and miles. It was a total of 61 miles today.


It was another cold day, but this time largely because of the nonstop rain and mist. The traffic was heavy most of the way down S.R. 150, which we were on all day. In the morning we passed many magnificent horse ranches and another field with very large hog farm, with some very large hogs. For several miles the pavement was very rough in preparation for being paved. We were surprised at one point to find several cows chilling within a few feet of the road without a fence; they apparently had gotten loose. Lunch was at Mammy’s in Bardstown around 1:30. It was at this point we decided to call it a day since it was still raining. So now were are in Bardstown, KY, home of the great American songwriter Stephen Foster and a number of whiskey distilleries. We are praying that the weather will improve and are still debating about which roads to take tomorrow.


Here we are in Somerset, KY, 90 miles from Bardstown where we left this morning. We woke up around 6:00 am this morning and ate breakfast at Mammy’s Kitchen. We were encouraged by a bit of sun shine peaking through the clouds. This is the first day that we have been able to wear shorts and a t-shirt. It was a beautiful day and much warmer- in the 70’s, rather than the 40’s and 50’s of the last few days. Instead of rain it was sunny and partly cloudy. We were chased by countless dogs; one St. Bernard almost got hit by a semi while chasing us. The roads today varied. The first 15 miles or so were pretty bad since there was little or no shoulder and large trucks. As we got south of Danville, we were faced with another road with no shoulder and single lane; it was very slow moving. As we were leaving Bardstown we crossed paths with a fellow biker- a 72- year old insurance man from London, England. He is riding from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles on a bicycle and then flying to Sidney to meet his wife in Perth, Australia. After we went separate ways, we reminisced about our experiences in London as well as Paris- London, Kentucky and Paris, Kentucky that is. A few other sights included a horse with its colt, a field of sheep, some miniature horses, some tobacco patches, and a number of very impressive, high-scale horse stables just outside Danville.


The last 2 days we have had a few blessings. First of all, yesterday we stopped at a gas station for a rest and told some folks about the purpose of our trip. After another 5 or 10 miles down the road a church van was parked on the side of the road; it read “Mt. Union Baptist Church.” There was a man standing by the van with a couple cold waters and a sack of energy bars. He was a huge blessing and encouraged us in the Lord. Yet another 7 miles down the road we stopped at a store for a fish lunch. The lady working at the store needed prayer for her back troubles. There was also a man there who we talked with about the Bible. Later, after telling them why we were riding, they paid for our meals. Finally, today, we stopped at a small country music “venue” and the lady working there offered us a $5 donation for YFC. In terms of riding, the last two days have been mountainous (eternal mountains and hills). Yesterday we chose a back road which had severely steep hills. In Elk Valley (in Tennessee) there was a very steep hill, close to two miles long and several other 1, 2 or 3-mile hills. Weather-wise, it has been gorgeous and much warmer. Yesterday we started off at Somerset around 8:00 or 8:30. After the first 15 or 20 miles, it became clear that we were in the Daniel Boone National Forest. When we arrived at Whitley City we discovered one of our favorite restaurants had burned down a few years ago. When we arrived there we had two choices: take SR 27 south to 66, west to Caryville or take a west route on 92 to Williamsburg and then south to Jellico. We chose the second option with back roads which were very steep and hilly. That night we arrived in Jellico, TN on the border of Tennessee and Kentucky. We have seen a lot of nature the past two days. Today we were chased by multitudes of dogs (we only bit 2 or 3- haha). On a back road we picked up two turtles from the middle of the road and placed them in the grass. Garri Sr. almost ran over a rat that ran under his tire. Garri Jr. almost ran over a little green snake. Yesterday a buzzard swooped down in front of us on a wilderness road and today we witnessed a giant water bird while riding on a gorgeous river road.